Personnel appointments in SOCAR Turkey Energy

  02 November 2019    Read: 788
 Personnel appointments in SOCAR Turkey Energy

Anar Mammadov, head of Petkim Petrochemical Complex in Turkey, has been appointed as head of the SOCAR Turkey Energy refining and petrochemicals department (Turkish subsidiary of Azerbaijan’s state oil company SOCAR), and Mesut Ilter, director-general of the STAR oil refinery, has become the head of the department for improving the company’s operations, Trend reports with reference to Turkish media Nov. 2.

Anar Mammadov and Mesut Ilter will continue to fulfill their responsibilities in their positions at Petkim and the STAR refinery.

Mammadov was the general director of SOCAR Georgia from 2009 to 2014, then he held the position of general director of SOCAR Greece, and in July 2016 he was appointed general director of Petkim.

Prior to joining the STAR refinery, Mesut Ilter worked as technical assistant to the general director of the Turkish Tupras company, and since February 2017, he worked as the general director of the STAR refinery.

The staff of the company in Turkey is 5,000 people, and the annual export potential reaches $3 billion. The current assets of SOCAR in Turkey include the Petkim Petrochemical Complex, the STAR oil refinery and the Petlim port.

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