Armenia suffers from 2300 losses in manpower

  30 September 2020    Read: 732
  Armenia suffers from 2300 losses in manpower

The Azerbaijani Army continues to fight for the liberation of our occupied lands. Up to 2,300 manpower of the enemy have been eliminated, reports citing Azerbaijan's Defense Ministry.

Beginning from September 27, up to 2,300 Armenian manpower have been killed and wounded, about 130 tanks and other armored vehicles, more than 200 artillery pieces, rocket launchers, mortars, nearly 25 air defense systems, 6 stations of control and command observation posts, 5 ammunition depots, 50 anti-tank vehicles, 55 automobile vehicles have been destroyed by Azerbaijani Units.

During yesterday's fighting on the territory of Shushakend of Khojaly region, one S-300 anti-aircraft missile system was destroyed.

The enemy, who had concentrated additional forces in the Madagiz direction to regain lost positions, attempted to attack in the early morning of September 30.

Currently, combat operations are conducted along the entire front.


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