High-ranking military officers of Armenia eliminated

  29 October 2020    Read: 448
  High-ranking military officers of Armenia eliminated

Armenian troops’ attempt to launch attacks in several directions was resolutely suppressed several times yesterday, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry told AzVision.az.

Armenian troops were forced to retreat suffering heavy losses of manpower and military equipment.

As a result of the retaliatory actions taken by the Azerbaijani Army, the deputy commander of the Armenia’s 1st combined arms army, Colonel Artur Sargsyan, and the chief of communications of the 18th motorized rifle division, Major Aram Gazaryan were eliminated.

Moreover, Lieutenant Colonel B. Aserian, officer of the artillery unit of the 1st combined arms army, Hunan Ayrumyan, commander of the 2nd motorized rifle regiment were wounded, and Roman Tunyan, deputy commander of the 3rd battalion of the 5th mountain rifle regiment, went missing.


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