Azerbaijan mitigates quarantine regime 

  25 May 2021    Read: 258
 Azerbaijan mitigates quarantine regime 

The Operational Headquarters under the Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers has disclosed a number of decisions to mitigate the quarantine regime during the briefing on May 25, reports.

These decisions are as follows:

- it is allowed to walk without protective masks in the open air from May 31;

- the Baku subway will open from May 31, wearing masks at metro stations and in rail cars is mandatory;

- the activity of public transport will be resumed in the direction of the country's districts from May 31;

- mosques will open from June 10;

- big shopping centers will open from June 10;

- beaches will open from June 10, the work of which will be regulated according to the rules adopted last year;

- the activity of gyms will be resumed from June 10, people with COVID-19 passports, that is, those who have already been vaccinated can attend the gyms;

The individuals vaccinated with both doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 will get a vaccination certificate. The second certificate is the immunity certificate. It will be issued to the people who have had COVID-19.

Both certificates will be called COVID-19 passports. People holding one of these certificates will be able to use the services of sports and recreation facilities.

This approach is planned to be applied to the weddings in the future. For those wishing to attend concerts, theaters and other public events, a COVID-19 passport will also be required.

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