Armenian General reveals reasons of Armenia's defeat in Karabakh

  08 June 2021    Read: 349
 Armenian General reveals reasons of Armenia

The major reason for the defeat in Nagorno-Karabakh was the failure to bring the army to full combat readiness,  former secretary general of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and former Chief of General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces Yuri Khachaturov said, reports citing the Armenian media. 

"If the army was brought to full combat readiness, if it took all positions, there would be no people in the barracks, no military equipment in the parks, everything would be different,"Khachaturov stated.

He said that a weakly prepared counter-attack was a mistake in the direction of Lalatapa height. Hachaturov said that another mistake was the participation of the first army corps during the first days of hostilities. Those corps had to remain in reserve. 

Besides, Khachaturov doesn’t agree with the opinions that the consequences of the war were predetermined by the current leadership of Armeia. In Armenian General’s view, Armenian army, which has  weakened over the past three years, could either win or at least stop the enemy's advancement. 

He reminded that Armenian army had nothing during the early 1990s - first Karabakh war: “There were no barracks, training fields and ammunition. All of this was created in the post-war years. Since the late 1990s, so much equipment has been brought which was enough for the second war."

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