Azerbaijan's Coordination Headquarters holds meeting on resolving issues in liberated territories 

  16 September 2021    Read: 164

A regular meeting of the Coordination Headquarters, established by the decree of the President of Azerbaijan dated November 24, 2020, was held in order to resolve issues in the territories liberated from occupation in a centralized manner, reports. 

During the meeting chaired by the Chief of Staff and Head of the Presidential Administration Samir Nuriyev, the latest situation on the implementation of the instructions of the President of Azerbaijan was analyzed, short and long-term goals and issues of interdepartmental coordination for their implementation were discussed.

The large-scale reconstruction works carried out under the leadership of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in the liberated territories are exemplary on a global scale, Samir Nuriyev said.

It is necessary to mobilize the activities of the Headquarters and each working group at the Interdepartmental Center in the direction of achieving qualitative and more effective implementation of the tasks set, he added.

Constant close interdepartmental coordination, an integrated approach, and a clear distribution of job functions are mandatory conditions for improving efficiency in connection with restoration and restoration work, which is one of the national priorities, the Chief of Staff said.

Issues of urban development, energy supply, restoration of historical and cultural monuments, and planned organization of education and health services were discussed in detail, the next steps related to the implementation of tasks were identified, and appropriate instructions were given.

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