Analyst : Armenian troop mobilization could jeopardize fragile peace

  01 April 2024    Read: 514
    Analyst  : Armenian troop mobilization could jeopardize fragile peace

Images circulating on social media platforms show what appears to be a concentration of Armenian Armed Forces personnel and military equipment, including artillery installations and armoured vehicles, along the conventional border with Azerbaijan. The authenticity of this footage remains unconfirmed at this time.

Military analyst Adalat Verdiyev, speaking to, expressed concern that these developments, if confirmed, could negatively impact the fragile peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Verdiyev further stated that a large-scale troop mobilization by Armenia would be counterproductive to its own interests. He referenced previous instances where Armenian provocations resulted in significant setbacks.

The analyst suggested that a potential mobilization of up to 5,000 reserve personnel, including engineers, intelligence specialists, and artillery specialists, from April 1 to May 28, could indicate preparations for more extensive provocations.

Verdiyev outlined two potential motives such as alignment with the interests of the European Union and the West, potentially aiming to remove the Russian military base and border guards from Armenian territory; and shifting blame for renewed conflict to both Azerbaijan and Russia, potentially to secure increased military aid and financial resources from Europe and the West.

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