French Polynesia delegation visits Azerbaijan’s Media Development Agency

  02 June 2024    Read: 494
French Polynesia delegation visits Azerbaijan’s Media Development Agency

On June 1, a delegation from Maohi Nui (French Polynesia) visited the Media Development Agency of Azerbaijan.

During the meeting, Ahmad Ismayilov, Executive Director of the Media Development Agency, provided insights into how the media environment has evolved in Azerbaijan to address modern challenges. He highlighted the Agency’s efforts in various activities aimed at adapting media practices to modern trends, enhancing the financial independence of media entities, improving the professionalism of journalists, and the media literacy of the general public.

Ahmad Ismayilov outlined the “Law On Media” of the Republic of Azerbaijan and other relevant legislative acts governing this field. He also emphasized the importance of journalists adhering to professional ethics codes and spoke about efforts to enhance institutional development in Azerbaijan's media sector.

The representatives from French Polynesia expressed their interest in Azerbaijan’s experience in media field development, including how the country supports media entities and journalists while fostering independent media. They also shared their views on potential forms of cooperation in the relevant field in the future.

During the meeting, the sides exchanged views on supporting the implementation of various projects aimed at developing the media sector in Polynesia.




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