Everybody is suddenly copying Microsoft

  05 October 2015    Read: 923
Everybody is suddenly copying Microsoft
In 2012, when Microsoft first introduced the Surface Pro
“You can merge a toaster and a refrigerator, but that’s probably not going to be pleasing to anyone," quipped Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Nobody`s laughing now. And Microsoft is looking more and more like a trendsetter.

Three years after Cook`s jab, the Surface Pro 3 is selling strong — strong enough that Microsoft is expected to launch a much-anticipated Surface Pro 4 at a special event on Tuesday.

In the meantime, Apple and Google have started to pay attention. This past September saw both companies introduce tablet-laptop hybrids: the Apple iPad Pro and the Google Pixel C.

"Apple just admitted Microsoft is right," read a headline here on Business Insider. Another one described the Pixel C as a "Surface killer."

It`s pretty simple. Google and Apple are not copying Microsoft. It`s simply that this combination tablet-laptop thing is just the very first version of what these tech titans want the world to look like.

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