`Azerbaijan is interested in continuing cooperation with US`

  29 December 2015    Read: 1325
`Azerbaijan is interested in continuing cooperation with US`
It is wrong to conduct an anti-American campaign in Azerbaijan in response to the bill titled "Azerbaijan Democracy Act" proposed by a Congressman Christopher Smith, chairman of the US Helsinki Commission, Siyavush Novruzov, MP, deputy secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party, said at the parliament
He said Azerbaijan and the US are enjoying good relations, noting that Azerbaijan is interested in continuing its cooperation with the US.

Regrettably, some politicians and media representatives have been attacking America through the media after the draft resolution developed by Rovshan Rzayev. This is not true. We have the interparliamentary working group and some friends in the US, so we have to make use of them and make sure we do not spoil bilateral relations,” he said.

Speaker Ogtay Asadov said MP Rovshan Rzayev is not representative of the Azerbaijani government.

“Rovshan Rzayev is neither the parliament nor the government. Rather he has developed and proposed the draft resolution on his own. He has the right to propose such a project. If someone depicts Smith’s project as the position of the US, that’s wrong,” said the speaker.

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