Sit-in protest held in Yerevan’s Liberty Square over “Food Provider’s death - PHOTOS

  18 March 2017    Read: 1017
Sit-in protest held in Yerevan’s Liberty Square over “Food Provider’s death - PHOTOS

A group of citizens have launched a sit-in in Yerevan’s Liberty Square, demanding to bury “Food Provider” Artur Sargsyan in Yerablur military pantheon, reports citing

The march participants will again gather at the Liberty Square at Baku time 19:00 pm and hold a march.

Artur Sargsyan, the Food Provider, died Thursday at “Armenia” Medical Center, in capital city of Yerevan.

Sargsyan, who was charged with aiding the Sasna Tsrer armed group, was released from prison on December 31, 2016, since he had an illness that was incompatible with imprisonment.

On February 9, however, he was arrested yet again.

Subsequently, Sargsyan went on hunger strike, and demanded that his preventive measure of arrest be commuted.

A few days ago, and with a written guarantee by several dozen MPs, he was released from prison and immediately hospitalized.

Several days ago, however, he left the hospital on his own volition.

But his health grew worse on Wednesday evening, and he was rushed to “Armenia” Medical Center, where he underwent surgery; but he did not regain consciousness after this operation.

The Sasna Tsrer armed group had taken over a police patrol regiment building in Yerevan, taken hostages, but later surrendered, in July 2016.

On July 26, Artur Sargsyan had broken through a police wall with a vehicle loaded with food, and delivered food to the members of this armed group. Sargsyan, 48, was a sculptor and a wood engraver.


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