Hungary Struggles for Success of

  20 February 2015    Read: 695
Hungary Struggles for Success of
Hungary is making every effort to ensure that the European Union will agree to a new concept of Russian gas supplies to Europe through the "Turkish stream" proposed by Russia, Viktor Orban told the Russian newspaper "Kommersant".

"There are different concepts lying on the table in the EU. There is a competition between various proposals. So it`s necessary not even to lobby, but to fight for the success of our concept," Hungary’s Prime Minister said.

Hungary was one of the countries joining the previous Russian gas pipeline project "South Stream" designed to transport natural gas from Russia to the EU through the Black Sea. The project was abandoned partly due to a non-constructive position of European countries in December 2014. At the same time, Russia announced its proposal to construct a new gas pipeline in the direction of Turkey and build a gas hub for European consumers on the border with Greece.

Russia stated that the fate of the announced gas hub on the Turkey-Greece border depends on the European position. The pipeline could be extended toward Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary if the countries show their interest in the project.

Hungary’s Prime Minister declared his country is interested in the construction of a new pipeline as well as Russian gas transit through its territory.

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