Washington hosts 35th Annual Turkish American Conference

  16 March 2015    Read: 574
Washington hosts 35th Annual Turkish American Conference
The annual 35th Annual Turkish American Conference of the Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA) has been held in Washington, the US.
The event heard reports by the Turkish and US officials, as well as representatives of several Turkish Organizations in the US, scientific figures and researchers.

The event also heard the addresses by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister Ahmad Davudoglu and Minister of Foreign Affairs Movlud Cavushoglu.

Azerbaijani Ambassador to the United States Mr. Elin Suleymanov took part at the event. Mr. Suleymanov provided an insight into the position of Turkey in international arena and described Turkey as irreplaceable partner in the region.

He also highlighted the strategic role of Azerbaijan in the region, adding there were unbreakable relations between the two countries.

The diplomat said Azerbaijan praised the support of Turkey to the country, especially Ankara`s justice and decisive position in response to Armenian aggression to Azerbaijan.

Mr. Suleymanov stressed the importance of activity and close cooperation of Azerbaijani and Turkish communities in the United States.

The annual ATAA conference is one of the largest conferences in the U.S. that traditionally bring together Turkish-American communities nationwide to promote greater public awareness and understanding of Turkey`s rich culture and modern day society. Conference attendees have opportunity to share their opinions regarding the challenges and opportunities that await the attendees with the U.S. Members of Congress as well as strategic ethnic community partners.

ATAA is the national umbrella organization for Turkish Americans, representing 60 local chapters nationwide.

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