Azerbaijan modernizes major ferry 

  05 April 2018    Read: 846
Azerbaijan modernizes major ferry 

Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company has completed modernization of the “Dagestan” ferry at the Zikh Shipbuilding Plant, the company said in a message April 5.

This is the first such project in the company's history, as the project was developed by the company staff.

“The entire control systems of the ferry boat have been modernized. The two out-of-date auxiliary engines of the ferry were replaced with Hyundai engines. The new 1000 kW engines differ from the dismantled engines for high efficiency and service convenience. Main engines were also replaced with ones ordered from Wartsila in Finland. The new engines reduce fuel consumption to 30 percent,” the company said.

New reduction gear simplifies the procedure of starting and preparing the engines for operation, which in turn allows to significantly reduce fuel consumption. Engine management station was also completely modernized, and new equipment was installed to meet the latest technological advances. In addition, the ship's emergency and generator compartments were upgraded. A control and monitoring system was created as in all modern ships, according to the company.

Furthermore, all control systems of the ferry vessel "Dagestan" were replaced with more modern systems. The hull of the ship was thoroughly repaired.

Following completion of the modernization, the “Dagestan” ferry vessel successfully passed the tests.

The vessel is already involved in cargo transportation on the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route.

The carrying capacity of the ferry is 2,425 tons. The vessel’s length is 154.5 meters and width is 18.3 meters. It has two decks to transport cars and a deck for wagons.

Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company is the only ferry operator in the Caspian Sea. The company’s fleet consists of 13 ferries, which are involved in transportation on the Trans-Caspian transport route.

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