China's Hainan Airlines cancels flights after missile warning

  13 April 2018    Read: 1283

Concern about an aerial missile attack in Syria and the warning issued by the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation (Eurocontrol) caused China's Hainan Airlines to cancel a flight from Shanghai scheduled to land today in Tel Aviv. 

The company stated that it canceled the flight because of Eurocontrol's warning. Since the flight did not reach Israel, today's flight from Tel Aviv to Shanghai was also canceled, Globes reports.

At this stage, the Hainan flight to Tel Aviv tonight from Beijing, due to take off at 9:00 PM, is still on schedule, but passengers are advised to watch for new announcements in case the company decides to withdraw the flight.

As a result of the cancelation, 265 passengers who did not take off to their destinations were sent to hotels and alternate flights with other airlines, including Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, El Al, and tonight's Hainan flight to Beijing (provided that it does take off). Many Chinese passengers who were to have traveled to Israel chose to call off their trip, and their money will be refunded.

Sources inform "Globes" that the company will also compensate all of the Israeli passengers who did not take off yesterday and today at noon because of the cancelation in accordance with the Aviation Law. This law stipulates compensation of NIS 3,070 per passenger. Hainan could claim that it canceled its flight due to circumstances beyond its control, but the airline, which prides itself on its service, decided that the case justified compensation.


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