Chairman of Supreme Court met COE delegation

  15 November 2018    Read: 1094
Chairman of Supreme Court met COE delegation

A delegation led by Christophe Poirel, Head of the Council of Europe - Directorate General Human Rights and Rule of Law, now visiting Azerbaijan, met with the Chairman of Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ramiz Rzayev.

Chairman of the Supreme Court talked about the effectiveness of the judicial measures carried out in the country, informed the guests its reflection in the structure and work of the Supreme Court. Touching upon the ties with the European Court of Human Rights, Rzayev stated that the provisions of the international legal documents, especially the Convention on Human Rights and Fundamentals Freedoms are applied by the Supreme Court in the country.

Chairman of the Supreme Court expressed satisfaction with the development of the cooperation between the judicial systems of Azerbaijan and the appropriate departments of the Council of Europe. To this end, works are underway for creation of country’s electronic court system.

The Republic of Azerbaijan attaches special importance to expansion of cooperation with the COE member countries in the court-legal field, what, according to Rzayev, enables to conduct successful reforms in the judicial sphere.

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