Biohacker INJECTS himself with Bible & Koran DNA in bizarre experiment

  21 December 2018    Read: 772
 Biohacker INJECTS himself with Bible & Koran DNA in bizarre experiment

To err is human, to inject oneself with DIY DNA is divine… apparently? At least, that may have been the thinking behind one of 2018’s most sensational science experiments.

Teenager Adrien Locatelli from the French city of Grenoble translated the names of Jewish characters from the book of Genesis in the Bible and the entire 13th chapter of the Koran, the Surah Ar-Ra'd, into DNA code, all the while asking himself: “Is it even possible to do this?”

Locatelli switched every Hebrew character in the Book of Genesis with DNA code, made up of the letters “ACGT.” He did, however, exclude the certain passages he considered “controversial.”

Using an online tool, the teenage biohacker was able to translate the nucleotide (building blocks of DNA and RNA) information into protein sequences which he then injected into each of his thighs.

The high-school student had no idea what effect injecting the unknown proteins into his body might have in what he claimed it was a one-of-a-kind experiment. He experienced no adverse side-effects apart from a swollen leg, which lasted for several days. It is unclear whether the Bible or the Koran verse proteins induced the swelling.

“Recent studies have shown that any information can be encrypted using DNA and stored in this form. I became the first living thing in which the text is stored. This is very symbolic, even if it does not bear any benefit," Locatelli said in his published research.

Locatelli was widely derided in the online scientific community, which was seemingly bemused as to his methodology and motivation for the utterly bizarre experiment.

Biohacking is experimentation which attempts to improve the qualities or capabilities of living organisms (typically humans) through a variety of techniques including gene editing, technological implants or the use of synthesized drugs.



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