7 servicemen of the Armenian army killed during non-combat operations

  07 January 2019    Read: 1391
  7 servicemen of the Armenian army killed during non-combat operations

44 death cases have been recorded in the armed forces of the Republic of Armenia during the period of January-September, 2018,  AzVision.az reports citing the report by HCA Vanadzor about the fatalities within the army. The data has been collected through mass media, information disseminated by official sources and in some cases, from the relatives of the dead servicemen.

According to the official categorization,7 death caseswere considered as non-related. No public information was accessible on the other 10 cases. All those cases were considered as not related to the service.

It is noteworthy that official sources are selective in spreading information on the death cases not related to the service.

Geographical location is know only in 40 death cases and according to it, 21 cases (47%) occurred in the Armenian occupied Azerbaijani territories and 19 cases (43%) occurred on the territory of the Republic of Armenia.

According to HCA Vanadzor data, in 2018,  as compared to 2017, the number of death cases caused by ceasefire violations has decreased by more than 60 %, cases qualified as suicide have decreased by 1, murder cases have decreased by 1, but death cases caused by health problems have increased  by more than 40% and death cases caused by car crashes have increased by more than twice.

Criminal cases were initiated on 31 cases.

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