Azerbaijan to encourage use of electric-powered vehicles

  07 March 2024    Read: 386
  Azerbaijan to encourage use of electric-powered vehicles

Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev has signed a decree encouraging the use of electric-powered vehicles, reports.

According to the decree, the Cabinet of Ministers is tasked with proposing enhancements to normative legal acts within a month to promote the wider use of electric vehicles and the expansion of electric charging points. Additionally, business entities are encouraged to collaborate on establishing these points. The directive also instructs the identification of suitable locations for electric refueling points within a month, based on proposals from the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, the Ministry of Energy, AzerEnerji OJSC, and Azerishig OJSC.

Azerishig OJSC and AzerEnerji OJSC are responsible for implementing necessary measures to establish electric refueling points, including the development of required infrastructure and ensuring a sustainable power supply for these points.

To execute the measures outlined in this directive, AzerEnerji OJSC and Azerishig OJSC are directed to secure the allocation of necessary funds from the state budget for the current and next years based on their proposals, as well as to address any other issues arising from this decree.

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