Unidentified hackers diverted over $20Mln from major Mexican banks

  15 May 2018    Read: 1176
Unidentified hackers diverted over $20Mln from major Mexican banks

Unidentified hackers have stolen over 400 million pesos ($20 million) from Mexican bank accounts, local media reported.

The Banorte bank incurred the largest losses, with about 150 million pesos ($7.7 million) diverted from its accounts, the Financiero portal reported on Monday. The bank has been so far the only financial institution which admitted the fact of the cyberattack, noting that its clients’ bank accounts had not been affected.

BanBajio is another major bank which was reportedly hit by the cyberattacks, however, it denies the reports. Meanwhile, experts estimated the banks’ losses at 160 million pesos ($8.2 million).
A series of cyberattacks on Mexican banks were reportedly carried out in April and May and lasted for several days.

Three years ago, the Mexican banking system was targeted by a number of cyberattacks which resulted in 50 million pesos ($2.6 million) worth of losses.



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