France bans smartphones, tablets in schools

  01 August 2018    Read: 1297
France bans smartphones, tablets in schools

Politicians in France reportedly voted Monday in favor of a new law that would largely prohibit students from using smart devices on campus.

Students as old as 15 years old will not be allowed to use their smartphones, tablets and other similar items at school, unless they’re needed for lessons or after school activities AFP reported. Students with disabilities are not included in the ban.

Secondary schools are reportedly given the choice to opt-in on the full ban or enforce a less strict version.

Critics of the legislation, who refrained from casting votes, decried it as being a “publicity stunt,” the outlet reported. Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer, on the other hand, reportedly argued that it modernized the country and brought them “into the 21st century.”

He argued that a 2010 law, which disallowed such devices from being used in class, was not strong enough, the report said.



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