How many foreign specialists can Azerbaijan hire?

  17 February 2019    Read: 3004
  How many foreign specialists can Azerbaijan hire?

The quota for foreign labor force in Azerbaijan is 6,600 people for 2019, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Azerbaijan Sahil Babayev told reporters.

He said that during the process of developing a quota, the ministry took into account in which industry there is a need for foreign skilled labor force.

"We don’t attract foreigners to the industries where we can provide ourselves with working-age population," he noted. "The quota has already been established for the current year, it won’t change, so no reductions in this indicator are expected."

Next year, the ministry will proceed from the needs in different areas, he said.

"In this regard, we will send requests to the relevant organizations that operate in various sectors of the economy," he added. "Then we will compare this data with the database of labor force in Azerbaijan, and only after that a quota approval committee will be assembled and will make a final decision on this issue."

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