EU envoy hails key role of agriculture in Azerbaijani economy's diversification

  27 January 2022    Read: 248
  EU envoy hails key role of agriculture in Azerbaijani economy

Agriculture plays a key role in the diversification of the Azerbaijani economy, and its further development will help expand the economic opportunities of the inhabitants of the regions, Head of the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan Peter Michalko said at the Agro-Tourism Investment Forum on Thursday, reports. 

He said that agriculture remains the main area of ​​employment in most districts of Azerbaijan.

The diplomat emphasized a significant difference in the incomes of the rural and urban population in Azerbaijan, as well as in profits from agricultural and non-agricultural activities.

"The solution of these issues is a basis of the state strategy for the development of agriculture and regions," the EU representative also said.

The strategies focus on the areas of education and small and medium-sized businesses, which are areas of cooperation between Azerbaijan and the EU.

The forum was organized within the framework of the Agri-Vision project, funded by the EU and implemented by the Eurasian Partnership Foundation and the Constitutional Research Foundation.

The main goal of the forum is to become a platform for farmers and service suppliers from the Lankaran-Astara economic region to provide tourism development strategies and business plans to potential investors.


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