Another passenger bus leaves Baku for Shusha

  29 January 2022    Read: 298
Another passenger bus leaves Baku for Shusha

Another passenger bus departed from Baku to Shusha, reports. 

The bus left the Baku International Bus Terminal Complex for Shusha at 06:30.

Regular passenger bus trips to the liberated territories began on 24 January. Trips will be organized on the Ahmedbeyli –Shusha route four times a week, to other destinations – twice a week. The activities of the bus route FuzuliShusha International Airport will be coordinated with air travel.

The fare on the route Baku-Shusha-Baku in one direction will be 10.4 manats, on the route Baku-Agdam-Baku - 9.4 manats, on the route Akhmedbeyli-Shusha-Ahmedbeyli (express) - 7 manats, on the route Barda-Agdam -Barda (express) - 5 manats, on the route Fizuli International Airport - Shusha - 6 manats.

Passengers must book round-trip tickets at the same time.

Those wishing to travel to the liberated territories can purchase tickets electronically. For this purpose, the portal has been created.

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