Azerbaijani, Armenian parliament speakers to meet again in mid-May

  29 March 2024    Read: 370
  Azerbaijani, Armenian parliament speakers to meet again in mid-May

Azerbaijani and Armenian parliament speakers, Sahiba Gafarova and Alen Simonyan respectively, have agreed to convene for another meeting in mid-May.

This decision follows their initial historic encounter on March 22, facilitated by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), reports. 

Alen Simonyan confirmed this development in an interview with Public TV, expressing optimism regarding the forthcoming meeting. Reflecting on their previous engagement, Simonyan described it as "unprecedented" and highlighted its constructive nature.

At the outset, the Azerbaijani side delineated “red lines”, emphasizing the necessity for discussions to adhere strictly to the parliamentary diplomacy agenda. The Armenian side readily consented to this framework, Simonyan elaborated.

During the encounter, both parties acknowledged the prevailing atmosphere of mutual distrust. Simonyan emphasized, "we agreed that there is an atmosphere of distrust between us and each other. They don't trust us and we don't trust them."

However, despite these challenges, there was a shared commitment to fostering communication and establishing contacts at the parliamentary level. Gafarova assured Simonyan that Azerbaijan harboured no intentions of provocation, fostering a sense of cautious optimism regarding future interactions.

"It was decided at the parliamentary level to establish contacts, to start communication. I noted that I would discuss the issue with the political team. She also said she would discuss the issue with her own," Simonyan disclosed.

The upcoming meeting holds significant promise for furthering diplomatic efforts between Azerbaijan and Armenia. As both nations navigate a complex geopolitical landscape, such dialogues serve as crucial steps towards building trust and stability in the region.

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