We were defeated in all directions - Armenian publicist

  12 November 2020    Read: 416
  We were defeated in all directions - Armenian publicist

"In this war, we were defeated in all directions, both physically and morally. We have lost best of present generation. These are irreversible losses, " well-known Armenian public figure, publicist Spartak Garabagtsyan made the statement.

"Who is responsible in this situation? The situation is very dangerous. I don't know what will happen within next 30 years, but I am still afraid of the "Turk" inside us. We wanted to break the enemy's spine, but we broke ourselves. When can we straighten our posture and return to Shusha?," publicist said. 

Garabagtsyan almost blamed God: "It has been a gift from God to us for 30 years. God will get sad now and angry with us, because God gave us this opportunity. We "liberated" Shusha 30 years ago, but what happened now? God is unlikely to give us such an opportunity once again. "

Armenian public figure also added that as a society they were in a dangerous situation. 



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