Armenia updates info about military losses

  29 May 2021    Read: 411
Armenia updates info about military losses

Forensic examination of the remains of 3,753 killed Armenian servicemen have been carried out from September 27, 2020 to May 25, 2021, Ministry of Health of Armenia informed.

As of May 25, 48 samples taken from the bodies and remains of dead servicemen have not yet been examined.

According to statistics as of May 24, the bodies of 1,557 Armenians were found in Karabakh.

Earlier, Vice Speaker Tigran Avinyan said in his speech in the Armenian parliament that the death toll in the 44-day war will not exceed 4,000. However, real figures show the opposite.

Interestingly, the Armenian side has not yet announced the exact number of casualties. Armenian experts say the losses are about 7,000.

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