Azerbaijan to fully control Karabakh in 2025, says Sergey Markov

  16 March 2023    Read: 442
 Azerbaijan to fully control Karabakh in 2025, says Sergey Markov

Armenian armed units should be eliminated entirely from Azerbaijan’s Karabakh; however, Armenia does not comply with a number of clauses of the tripartite agreement dated November 10, 2020, keeping its units there, Russian political scientist Sergey Markov told 

Sergey Markov stated that the reason is that the Armenians do not want to give Karabakh back to Azerbaijan. Markov also highlighted that Armenia keeps supplying the military units with weapons and ammunition.

On the other hand, he mentioned how the Armenian side has difficulties in delivering those supplies after the Azerbaijani ecoactivists took control of the Lachin road. Therefore, the Armenian leadership has started looking for other alternatives. 

The political scientist believes that the recent clashes in Karabakh will result in the strengthening of Azerbaijan's position on the security of the region: "Azerbaijan will raise the issue of the necessity of establishing a checkpoint. It will not be easy, but after long negotiations, the checkpoint will become a reality. Armenia will strongly oppose the idea of the checkpoint as in this case, Yerevan will no longer be able to arm Armenian military groups in Karabakh. However, I think Azerbaijan will be able to create a checkpoint in any case."

Also, Markov added about the hopes of the Armenian leadership, population, and pro-Armenian circles in different countries regarding keeping Karabakh under the control of Armenia will be in vain. "Obviously, Karabakh will be fully under the control of Azerbaijan in the fall of 2025. Azerbaijan will start developing this region and the refugees will return back to their land".


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