Shusha Code Performed on Tar for the US Ambassador | by Mubariz Ahmadoghlu

  07 May 2024    Read: 484
Shusha Code Performed on Tar for the US Ambassador | by Mubariz Ahmadoghlu

The Azerbaijani society had been infuriated by the statements made by the US ambassador before his Shusha trip. Mark Libby behaved as if he was not the one who had barely escaped the Armenians. Pro-Armenian congressmen had delayed his appointment for a year. Surprisingly, he later started speaking against Azerbaijan as a true pro-Armenian congressman himself.

Libby’s statement as he refused to visit Shusha was utterly groundless. Even pro-Armenian congressmen never highlight Shusha as they voice anti-Azerbaijan sentiments. Armenians subconsciously recognize Shusha as an Azerbaijani city.

We can recollect a simple example. Tar is a popular musical instrument in the East, and Central Asia. It is the product of the Iran-Azerbaijan region, where all the major improvements to the instrument were made. Shusha is the second home to tar; it was in Shusha that Iranian and Azerbaijani tars were distinguished apart. Kharrat Gulu from Shusha increased the number of strings on the tar and improved it to be played at the chest rather than on the knee, whereas it is still played on the lap in Iran.

Interestingly, the Armenians now play the tar like the Azerbaijanis rather than choosing the Iranian style. It is one of the dozens of arguments pointing that Armenian subconsciously believe Shusha to be a part of Azerbaijan, which must be brought to the ambassador’s attention.

Mubariz Ahmadoghlu

Director of the Center for Political Innovation and Technologies

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