Mission: Impossible - Fallout sets box-office records for franchise

  31 July 2018    Read: 1172
Mission: Impossible - Fallout sets box-office records for franchise

For Tom Cruise, the Mission: Impossible franchise has been a blessing, every movie making huge amounts at the box-office and scoring better reviews each sequel.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout makes no exception, breaking box-office records for the series and managing a hugely impressive Rotten Tomatoes score (98% as of writing).

The movie debuted to a $153.5 million weekend at the worldwide box-office, beating the $131.5 million record set by Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.

Ghost Protocol went on to score the franchise's best total run, $695 million, with Fallout hoping to take upwards of $700 million. Having yet to open in France, Japan and China, that numbers looks more than capable of reaching that height.

Fallout also marks Cruise's second best opening at the American box-office, taking $61.5 million over the weekend, only behind War of the Worlds' $64.8 million, according to Deadline.

Coming in second at the international box-office is Hello Mr. Billionaire, a Chinese comedy which opened to $129.5 million in the country, showing just how huge the China box-office has become.

Meanwhile, in the UK, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! holds the top spot once more with $8.6 million, followed by Fallout, which garnered a $5.4 million, a franchise best.


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