Azerbaijan`s presidential aide meets heads of media outlets

  05 June 2015    Read: 1093
Azerbaijan`s presidential aide meets heads of media outlets
Ali Hasanov, the Azerbaijani president’s aide for public and political affairs, head of the pubic affairs department at the President Administration, held a meeting with heads of Azerbaijan’s media outlets on June 5.

Hasanov mentioned the Baku-2015 first European Games which will start after a few days, thanking media representatives for providing professional coverage of this campaign.

He said the European Games is an event that is to be directly written into Azerbaijan’s history.

“No matter what attitude shown, this is a historical event. Attitudes are fleeting. Just like our membership of the UN Security Council, the Baku-2015 first European Games too are a historical event,” the presidential aide added.

Hasanov said the Azerbaijani president has signed an order on marking the 140th anniversary of Azerbaijani media and that the order also includes the preparation of an action plan, noting that we decided that we need should discuss this action plan with mass media leaders.

As a result of that meeting, recommendations on the action plan will be presented to head of the Presidential Administration Ramiz Mehdiyev, and the action plan will then be approved.

Chairman of the Press Council Aflatun Amashov said the order on marking the 140th anniversary of local press includes a review of the 140 years of our media – its current state and future, and its role in democratic processes.

“This is huge care for our media. I thank the head of state. The orders signed on the 130th, 135th, and 140th anniversaries of Azerbaijan’s press have turned into a holiday for our media. The order on the 135th anniversary restored some honorary titles such as “honored journalist”. There are requests to the Press Council for being conferred honorary titles. But we’re not sure what criteria are needed to select them. There are journalists who have worked for 40-50 years but hold back for some reason. There are some others who work at press service of different institutions,” he added.

Amashov mentioned that they have been mobilized in the fight against those who are against the European Games.

“Azerbaijan’s journalists will do their best for the European Games to be directly written into history. However, there are some problems of social networks. For example, there are some fake profiles which accuse Vahid Mustafayev, Arif Alishanov, Bakhtiyar Sadikhov and me, claiming that the government took us a lifetime lease. We need to hold talks with the leaders of Facebook and other social networks. Such profiles must be deactivated,” he noted.

Hasanov advised not to care about such cases.

“Don’t care about such cases. All of this is led by the West. However, can you find in Western states such sites and profiles associated with their leaders? The Guardian was banned from reporting about the British royal family after it lost a trial with the royal family. Imagine what would happen if any media outlet was banned from reporting about the Azerbaijani president and his family. The UN representative for human rights and even OSCE officials are forced to demonstrate double standards toward Azerbaijan. If this is West’s democracy, we are against it. Azerbaijan’s sound journalism has always fought and will further fight against those people. Those who allow abuses in social networks demonstrate their position”, noted the top official.

Vugar Safarli, the chairman of the Fund of State Support for the Development of Mass Media under the Azerbaijani President, said events dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Azerbaijan’s press, founded by Hasan bay Zardabi, will begin in Zardab district. He said the Fund together with the National Olympic Committee will hold a competition among journalists. Vugar Safali also spoke about the work done for support for media in Azerbaijan, and the funds allocated by the Fund for newspapers.

Hasanov noted it is necessary to define the districts in which the anniversary events will take place.

“Awarding journalists is quite a complex issue. There are standards on orders and medals. Journalist must be at least 10 years of fruitful work in order to be awarded with “Tereggi” (Progress) medal. When the journalists were provided apartments, we also tried to select the most deserving ones. We need somehow to empower editorial offices for making proposals about the awarding process. The head of state regularly award journalists for their services, but during anniversaries this list is extended. Holding events in districts and scientific-practical conference in Baku State University is also planned,” he stressed.

Editor-in-chief of Sharg newspaper Akif Ashirli proposed to hold events on the 140th anniversary of the press in Tbilisi and Istanbul. Hasanov considered the proposal positive.

“This proposal can be accepted. Our first editions were published in Tbilisi, immigrant literature was published in Istanbul. These proposals could be considered,” noted Hasanov.

During the meeting it was offered to create a press museum.

Hasanov said special attention will be given to the events to be held on the 140th anniversary of press.

“Every nation is known around the world for its well-known representatives and successes. Introducing suffrage for both men and women in the East for the first time is Azerbaijan`s brand, and we should promote it. Azerbaijan`s UN Security Council membership and hosting the first European Games are our success. Some are concerned over successes of a Muslim country – Azerbaijan. We should note that Azerbaijan doesn’t inferior to Western states for its successes. We should inform the world that the Azerbaijani media is not in a state described by the “commissioners” and “reporters without borders” issuing subjective statements,” he noted.

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